Ideas for Small-Scale Catering Business

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One obvious method of getting your services known is by a direct approach to people who may be organising meetings and special events.  In the case of meetings, this is usually Executive  Secretaries/Personal Assistants of the company. So find out their names and address your email directly to them.  Make the point in your email that your services can help to make their lives a lot easier.

For conferences and special events, a direct approach to the Managing Director, Sales Director or the Personnel or Public Relations Manager would probably be most effective.  Here, the emphasis should be a first-class food and a service which will help to enhance the image of the company in front of special customers or the press.

In the private sector, local advertising could be useful.  However, a closer association with the type of event you are likely to be catering for would probably give better results.   Try advertising in the programs of local sporting events or shows, or get the secretaries of appropriate clubs to post details of your service on the club notice boards prior to major events, eg tennis tournament. 

The quality of your food and the efficiency of your service are the salient factors in ‘by word of mouth’ recommendations.  Most companies have a special colour which is used for letterheads, van sign writing and the like;  find out what this is and match it.

A consistently high standard of service will keep your customers coming back for more far longer than any publicity gimmick.

Ideas for Small-Scale Catering Business

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