A La Carte Training Workshops are designed to provide you with the essential business management skills to establish and operate a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop or catering business. For instance, we offer the following face-to-face workshops and more importantly, for a very low investment will assist you to start-up or grow your food business:

‘Recipe for Success’

This 2-day workshop covers:

Legal aspects, food hygiene & food safety, marketing, staff management, food purchasing & stock control, and financial management.

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‘How to Discover Your Market'

This 1-Day workshop covers:
How marketing impacts on almost all areas of business and having good marketing knowledge and skills could mean the difference between business success or failure. Get your business known and discover how to increase sales and make more profit.

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‘How to Earn More Dollars with Customer Service’

This 3-hour workshop covers:

Why customer service is important to your food business.
Improve your customer service to ensure your customers are talking about you for all the right reasons. Discover how to generate more customers, increase sales and make more profit.

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‘How to Design a Market Focused Menu’

This 3-hour workshop covers:

Using your menu as a marketing tool; the silent salesperson.
Discover how to increase sales and make more profit!

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A La Carte Training workshops are always friendly with two-way communication. Above all, our focus is on how to apply the content by using case studies, examples and activities.  At the end of the workshop, you will certainly go away with the know-how to implement what you have learned immediately into your own food business.

As with any program of this nature, you will get out of it what you put in, that is, the more you involve yourself, the more you will achieve.  So, come along meet and learn from not only business experts, but moreover each other.

We look forward to seeing you at one of the above workshops.

Taste Success!

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