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Explore A La Carte Training ‘Recipe for Success’…Ingredients tailored to your needs as a food business owner/manager…
law, food safety & hygiene, marketing, customer service, menu design, staff management, food purchasing, financial controls, food business ideas,
profitable buffets and catering functions.
A La Carte Training method for a viable and profitable food business.

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Research states that the people most likely to succeed in business are those who have undertaken some business management training.

The increase in the success rate is significant, rising from 36% for those who had not undertaken some business training to 91% for those who had!

So, why not:

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and increase the survival rate of your food business.

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These eGuides are NOT textbook theory. They are:

- bite-sized pieces

- user friendly

- lots of tips, case studies, examples, and activities

- delivered online.

For a very low investment, why not download A La Carte Training eGuides covering:

How to Keep Within the Law - ensure your long-term success.

How to Be Food Safe - ensure your food is safe for your customers.

How to Discover Your Market - why you can't survive without a market.

How to Earn More Dollars With Customer Service - attract more customers.

How to Design a Market-Focused Menu - use your menu as a silent salesperson.

How to Find Your Dream Team - get the most out of your staff.

How to Cook The Books - controls to financial freedom.

How to Protect Your Food Business - controls to reduce wastage.

How to Cook-for-Cash-Ideas - love to cook? Lots of ideas, tips and more.

How to Setup a Profitable Buffet - set up a buffet table that lowers labour and food costs.

How to Organise Stress-Free Functions - be able to coordinate memorable functions.

and lots more…

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Discover the many ways in which money can be made in the food business.
How to Cook for Cash eGuide. Learn how to cook for cash home based business, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business. Get Guide now!
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A La Carte Training online events focus is how to apply the content by using case studies, examples and activities. At the end of the event, you will go away with YOUR ACTION PLAN and the know-how to implement what you have learned immediately into your own hospitality business.

For a very low investment, we offer online events Monday to Thursday and Saturday to help you to start and grow your hospitality business.

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Why not subscribe to our free ‘Recipe for Success’ Monthly Newsletter and discover not only the latest food industry news but information to help you start and grow your small food business?

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Linda Bamford

Founder & CEO

Recipe for Success

4 Ingredients:

Business – keep within the law

Marketing – increase sales and make more profit

Operations – controls to save time and money

Ideas – keep your customers coming back