A La Carte Training focuses on restaurant and catering management training for the food industry!

Let A La Carte Training join you on your exciting journey into owning or growing a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business or…other food outlet.

From research, the people most likely to succeed in business are those who have undertaken some training in business management.

The increase in the success rate is significant, rising from 36% for those who had not undertaken some business training to 91% for those who had!

I am passionate about the restaurant and catering industry

and the potential for this type of business to give you the

money, time and freedom you have always wanted.

So, why not:

  1. join us at one of our face-to-face Workshops
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and increase the survival rate of your food business.

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Most importantly, for a very low investment why not download A La Carte Training ‘How to…’ eGuides covering business setup, food hygiene & food safety, marketing, customer service, menu planning, staff management, finance, food purchasing, buffet setup, function management and lots more…

Moreover, our eGuides are NOT textbook theory. They are:

- bite sized pieces covering a specific topic
- user friendly
- lots of tips, case studies, examples, and activities
- delivered online

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Discover the many ways in which money can be made in the food business.
How to Cook for Cash eGuide. Learn how to cook for cash home based business, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business. Get Guide now!
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Come along to one of our interactive face-to-face workshops and for a very low investment meet lots of like-minded people and not only gain knowledge and skills from a business expert, but from each other at the workshop.
A La Carte Training approach is one of learn, show and do. What do I mean by this?

You will:

- learn the concept
- be shown examples
- and then given an activity which can be implemented immediately into your own business.

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Why not subscribe to our free monthly ‘Recipe for Success’ Newsletter and discover the latest food industry news and hospitality & business info to help you grow your management knowledge and skills.

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‘Recipe for Success’

4 Ingredients:

Business – keeping within the law

Marketing – increase sales, make more profit

Operations – controls to save time and money

Ideas – keep your customers coming back