Restaurant and Cafe Business Startup

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 Sources of advice and assistance

Everyone needs help now and again.  This is never truer than when you start up a restaurant and cafe business.  Food businesses that get the right advice are far more likely to make a go of it and sidestep the pitfalls that catch out the more unprepared start-ups. 

It is likely that by now you have discovered a number of weaknesses in your personal, technical or management skills.  Having recognised these weaknesses, it is important to develop ways for improvement.  Some of the many sources which will help you are:

    • Trade associations:  For technical and statistical information, training, networking, and publications.
    • Government departments:  Statistics, licenses, permits, regulations, taxation, research, grants, seminars, training, import/export, consumer information, publications.
    • Local government authorities:  Regulations, statistical information
    • Educational bodies: Training, library resources.
    • Small Business Centres:  Advice, training, seminars, networks, information, publications.
    • Chambers of Commerce: Referral services, advice, industry assistance.
    • Business networks:  Contacts, information, training.
    • Libraries.
    • Bookshops.
    • Professional advisers* Accountant, bookkeeper, solicitor, bankers, marketing, insurance, surveyor, architect, other business owners/managers.  

*Professional advisers are experts in business matters and will be able to offer you guidance on many aspects of your business.

It is important to build up a good and trusting relationship with your professional advisers because you will probably be working with the same ones for many years.  If you get on well with them, don’t consider changing simply in order to save a few dollars:  you might not get such good service with someone else.

How to Keep Within the Law

Keeping up with legal obligations can be a complex and time-consuming task.  It is essential that you consult with your accountant or solicitor regarding your full range of duties and responsibilities.  Further, membership of trade associations, business networks, and professional bodies will assist you to remain informed regarding restrictions specific to your type of business. 

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