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How to Cook for Cash - Ideas eGuide

How to Cook for Cash eGuide. Learn how to start & grow home business, freezer food service, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business. Get Guide now!

Learn how to cook for cash!

Love to cook?  Would like to cook for money?  Lots of ideas for you to think about:

  • home-cooking
  • running a freezer service
  • operating your own small scale catering business
  • opening a restaurant, cafe or coffee shop.

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‘How to Cook for Cash’ eGuide for ONLY $19.95

 In other words, discover the many ways in which money can be made in the foodservice business.

This eGuide is not a textbook, it is very practical.  Lots of examples, case studies, tips, and activities. Most importantly, for very low investment, the eGuide is delivered online. Therefore, you can access it from your computer at a time convenient to you.

How to Cook for Cash eGuide

Before we look at the many ways money can be made in the foodservice business, you’ll need to find out if you are prepared to meet the heavy demands of the foodservice business. Find out by completing activities covering:

business setup

food hygiene & food safety


customer service

menu planning


staff management


…and lots more. 

These activities are not meant to scare or dishearten you.  They are to make you aware of the business realities. After all, you are (or will be) investing a lot of time and money into your new venture.  Therefore, it is most important for you to gain as much management knowledge as you can.

Home Cooking  

There are many advantages to home cooking.  Firstly, it reduces costs, secondly, it enables easy involvement with the family and thirdly, it provides part-time work. 

Some of the ways to start cooking for cash are:

baking for market stalls


celebration cake service

bar and hotel food

lunch boxes and picnics

making preserves for sale

cooking for dinner parties 

running a freezer service.  

Small Scale Catering Business

Interested in starting a small scale catering business?   Running a catering business can be very rewarding.  But it is important that caterers have:

  • basic business skills
  • strong culinary background
  • keen desire to please the people they serve
  • organisational ability to master the complexities of the business.

Restaurant, cafe or coffee shop

On the other hand, do you dream of having your own restaurant, café or coffee shop?  Restaurants may seem to offer glamour and excitement;  after all, the job is concerned with:

  • good food
  • good atmosphere
  • the chance to meet interesting new people
  • and some successful owners may even become local celebrities. 

However, the reality is very different, for instance, involving long hours and dedicated hard work for small profits.

Start and grow your own food service business!

Make your dream come true!

How to Cook for Cash eGuide for ONLY $19.95

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