Discover the recipe for success! Start your small food business today. Learn how to turn your passion into profits.


Explore A La Carte Training 'Recipe for Success' - Ingredients tailored to your needs as a small food business entrepreneur...home kitchen business, gourmet catering business, food truck business, coffee shop, cafe, restaurant or other eatery business.

Offering online webinars and downloadable easy-to-read a time convenient to you.

We cover law, food safety & hygiene, marketing, customer service, menu design, staff management, food purchasing, financial controls, food business ideas, profitable buffets and catering functions.

Celebrating over 20 years of hospitality management training.


Discover the latest food industry products, trends and more, together with hospitality and business information to help you start and grow your business.

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Become your own boss this year? Make it Happen!

Take your food idea to launch and make your dream happen?

Find new food business ideas to grow your business?

Find out why you can't survive without a market?

Use your menu as a silent salesperson to increase sales?

Attract more customers and have them spend more, more often?

Know the secrets to a stress-free catering function?

Set up a buffet table that lowers labour & food costs?

Then look no further than A La Carte Training and let us join you on your exciting hospitality journey.

Discover the many ways in which money can be made in the food business.
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Your food business goal starts today.

Hi Foodie Entrepreneurs

Why not let us help you start and grow a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, small-scale catering and other eatery business with our management training programs covering law, food hygiene, business plan, marketing, customer service, menu design, staff management, financial controls, food purchasing, food business ideas, and lots more.

We offer:

ONLINE EVENTS: These focus on how to apply what you have learned immediately to your own hospitality business.

eGUIDES: These are easy to read with lots of examples, case studies, tips, and activities.

NEWSLETTERS: In our Free 'Recipe for Success' Monthly Newsletter you'll discover the latest food industry products, trends, news and more, together with hospitality and business information.

BLOG ARTICLES: Free twice-weekly Q & A Recipe for Success Ingredient Cards covering 4 Ingredients: Business, Marketing, Operations, and Ideas.

Taste Success!
Linda Bamford
Founder & CEO
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Main Benefits

A La Carte Training offers small food business owners online events and easy-to-read eGuides…

…content you can use in your own eatery business within 24 hours.


One stop shop

...achieve your goals. Specialists in small food business management.

Save time and money

..for a very low investment, online events and easy-to-read eGuides.

Unlimited Content Access

...weekly BLOG articles covering, business, marketing, operations & ideas

Recipe for Success Ingredient Cards

...emails to answer your questions.

News, trends and Ideas 'Recipe for Success' Monthly Newsletter.

Ongoing Support

why we’re the best choice

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1. Dedication

Our training business reputation is based upon our dedication to ensuring the satisfaction of new and existing owners of a restaurant, cafes, coffee shops, food catering and eatery businesses.

2. Experience

Many years of industry experience having operated an upmarket cafe, and catering business.

Celebrating over 20 years of small food business and hospitality management training.

3. Qualifications

A La Carte Training team has extensive business and hospitality qualifications. These include a post-graduate degree, undergraduate degrees, diplomas, and Certificate IVs, together with trade qualifications.

4. Training

We continue to invest in training through membership with industry associations and attendance at Restaurant & Catering Tradeshows.  This ensures firstly, a quality product and secondly, up-to-date information on industry trends.

Recipe for success

Let A La Carte Training help you to achieve your goal this year.

4 Ingredients to hospitality business success.

Restaurant business training and guide. Learn how to use restaurant business training and guide to be successful. Get restaurant business guide now!

1. Business Ingredient

Covers: legal aspects,
food safety & hygiene,
business plan.

2. Marketing Ingredient

Covers: marketing, customer service, menu planning.

3. Operations Ingredient

Covers: staff management, food purchasing, financial controls, waitstaff training.

4. Ideas Ingredient

Covers: cooking for cash ideas, function management, buffet table controls, wine knowledge, wedding planning.

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All the information in the two day workshop on law, management, marketing, operations... as well as new ideas were unbelievable. At least I know what is involved in handling and managing a food business. Thank you Linda for your precious help.

Gavina Deiana PecciGavina's Kitchen

Linda has a vast knowledge of restaurant and catering management. The workshop had lots of information relevant to my business. I would definitely download her user friendly eGuides in the near future.

Vanitha LangKastury's Indian Cuisine

I learnt how to start up a food business - from setting up, to costing, management and marketing. I can highly recommend A La Carte Training workshops and eGuides so you can avoid what not to do before you start your food business.

Janet WardleCatering Business

Linda has a world of knowledge and experience. Very informative workshops and easy-to-use eGuides. I have learnt so much.

Shelly MartinCakes by Shell