Do you want to stand out in the hospitality industry with impressive waitstaff?

Small Food Business: SERVICE STAFF EGUIDE.

Answer: Good waitstaff is characterised by punctuality, presentation and deportment, the ability to work alone as well as in a team, and a sense of energy, enthusiasm and self-motivation.

Impressive Waitstaff training and guide. Learn how impressive waitstaff training and guide can help waitstaff


How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide


Do you want to stand out in the hospitality industry with impressive waitstaff?


Our How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide provides you with the secrets to upselling and increasing your average ticket size.

You’ll learn about first impressions, communication skills, setting the scene, table service, sever as a seller, drink staff, and customer complaints.  We also cover a sequence of services.

Imagine the confidence and skills you’ll gain to provide unforgettable dining experiences.

Don’t wait any longer to take your waitstaff skills to the next level.  BUY NOW How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide and start to WOW your customers.

Do you know…

Which statements apply to your waitstaff?

  • can be cheerful at work even on bad days.
  • are good at remembering faces and names.
  • can control their moods most of the time.
  • get on with different types of people.
  • take pride in their personal appearance.
  • speak clearly and pleasantly.
  • have a good sense of humour.
  • enjoy hearing new things.
  • are enthusiastic about their job.
  • are really interested in other people.
  • feel happy to be working where they work.
  • can cope well with changes at work.
  • see ‘difficult people’ as a challenge.
  • feel that doing well in all aspects of their job is important to them.

How did your waitstaff do?   Why not download a copy of:

How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide 

ONLY £9.95

How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide


8 Ingredients to bring back the WOW factor.

  • First impression…Like it or not, most people judge us by what they see.
  • Communication skills…Without good communication, you’re not going to have a working team.
  • ‘WOW’ your customers…We have to give more than service now, it is time to move up to ‘WOW’ your customers.  
  • Setting the scene…The waitstaff is only as good as how prepared they are for the next day.
  • Table service…A very important part of the server’s job is taking the food order.
  • Server as a seller…So your waitstaff is a server.  Guess what?  They are also a salesperson.  
  • Drink staff…In order to promote liquor sales, your drink staff must be very familiar with what the restaurant has to offer.
  • Customer complaints…How will your waitstaff handle complaints?

How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide 

ONLY £9.95


The success of a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, or catering business; in fact, any type of food outlet is reflected in the quality of its waitstaff.  When your waitstaff are working and even on their way to work in their uniform, they are an ambassador for your business.  So, it is important for them to behave in a professional manner.

The success of your food outlet begins and ends with your staff!

The way they look is important.

What they say is important.

What they do is important.

How they feel is important.

So, what are you waiting for?  Let us help you to ‘WOW’ your customers.


For a low investment, download a copy of How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide.  It is easy to read with lots of examples, case studies, tips, and activities…knowhow you can use in your own business immediately.

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