We will help you discover 'How to Train Impressive Waitstaff' at a time convenient to you and without breaking the bank!

Restaurant/Cafe Staff Training

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Impressive Waitstaff training and guide. Learn how impressive waitstaff training and guide can help waitstaff

Restaurant/Cafe Staff Training

We will help you discover ‘How to Train Impressive Waitstaff’ at a time convenient to you and without breaking the bank!

You have a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business, but need to know more about waitstaff duties and responsibilities?

Training for waitstaff –  where to start 

A La Carte Training has produced ‘How to Train Impressive Waitstaff’ eBook to understand how to manage restaurant waitstaff.

Do you know…

Which statements apply to your waitstaff?

  • can be cheerful at work even on bad days.
  • are good at remembering faces and names.
  • can control their moods most of the time.
  • get on with different types of people.
  • take pride in their personal appearance.
  • speak clearly and pleasantly.
  • have a good sense of humour.
  • enjoy hearing new things.
  • are enthusiastic about their job.
  • are really interested in other people.
  • feel happy to be working where they work.
  • can cope well with changes at work.
  • see ‘difficult people’ as a challenge.
  • feel that doing well in all aspects of their job is important to them.

How did your waitstaff do?   Why not download a copy of:

How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide for ONLY $17.99

9 easy steps to bring back the WOW factor.

This eGuide is not a textbook, because it is very practical. It has lots of examples, case studies, tips, and activities. Most importantly, for very low investment, the eGuide is delivered online.  Therefore, you can access it from your computer at a time convenient to you.

How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide covers:

  • Listening skills.  Without good communication, you’re not going to have a working team.
  • ‘WOW,’ your customers.  We have to give more than service now, it’s time to move up to ‘WOW’ your customers. 
  • Setting the scene.  Your waitstaff is only as good as how prepared they are for the next day.
  • Server as a seller.  So your waitstaff is a server.  Guess what?  They are also a salesperson.
  • Drink staff.  In order to promote liquor sales, your drink staff must be very familiar with what the restaurant has to offer.
  • Customer complaints.  How will your waitstaff handle complaints?

The way your waitstaff look, what they say, how they say it and what they do has a significant impact on the people they work with and the people they serve.

How to Train Impressive Waitstaff eGuide for ONLY $17.99.

WOW, your customers!