We will help you to discover 'How to Organise Stress-Free Functions' at a time convenient to you and without breaking the bank!

Restaurant/Cafe Function Management

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Restaurant/Cafe Function Management

We will help you to discover ‘How to Organise Stress-Free Functions’ at a time convenient to you and without breaking the bank!

You’ve got some catering function ideas, but want to be able to co-ordinate memorable catering functions? 

A La Carte Training has produced ‘How to Organise Stress-Free Functions’ eBook to find out how a professional approach, together with consistency, is the key to a successful stress-free function for your client.

Do you know…

  • gain an advantage over competitors?
  • understand the types of functions?
  • take enquiries for a function?
  • develop your own Function Sales Kit?
  • choose a venue?
  • choose a rental company?
  • decide on a menu/beverages?
  • organise function staff?
  • complete an evaluation?
  • follow the 4 steps to stress-free function management?

How did you do?  Be Honest!  Answered NO to any of the above questions?  Then  purchase a copy of:

How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eGuide for ONLY $15.99

Understand function management and eliminate the cause for anxiety.

This eGuide is not a textbook, because it is very practical. It has lots of examples, case studies, tips, and activities. Most importantly, for a very low investment, the eGuide is delivered online.  Therefore, you can access it from your computer at a time convenient to you.

How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eGuide covers:

  • Firstly, how to… take enquiries for a function.  Secondly, how to… prepare yourself for a meeting with the client.  Thirdly, how to… develop a Function Sales Kit and lastly, how to… record bookings.
  • What amenities, technical and general facilities are available.
  • Also, how to… work out floor plans and table plans. Above all, understand the main function styles.
  • Be able to organise menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails and afternoon tea/coffee, as well as beverages.
  • Firstly, how to… find suitable employees and place them in appropriate jobs and secondly, have them work as a team.

For many people, organising a function is an undertaking full of stress and worry.  Naturally, as a restaurant owner/caterer, you want to eliminate as much as possible any cause for anxiety on the part of your client.  The more relaxed, competent and experienced you appear the more a nervous host/hostess will be reassured.

How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eGuide for ONLY $15.99

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