Do you want to maximise your profits and minimise your stress?


Answer: When coordinating a catering function the basic type of function remains the same but the needs of the group are very different depending upon the occasion or purpose of the function.

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How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eGuide


Do you want to maximise your profits and minimise your stress?


Our How to Setup a Profitable Function eGuide helps you to execute unforgettable catering experiences. You’ll learn the type of function, take enquiries for a function, sell a venue, choose a venue, rent equipment and special requests, decide on a menu, and beverages, organise staff, feedback and evaluation.  We also cover the four steps 4 steps for a stress-free function planning, organising, implementing and evaluating.

With our functions eGuide, you’ll discover, how a professional approach, together with consistency is the key to exceeding your clients’ expectations.

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  • gain an advantage over competitors?
  • understand the types of functions?
  • take enquiries for a function?
  • develop your own Function Sales Kit?
  • choose a venue?
  • choose a rental company?
  • decide on a menu/beverages?
  • organise function staff?
  • complete an evaluation?
  • follow the 4 steps to stress-free function management?

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How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eGuide 

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How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eGuide.


5 Ingredients to be able to coordinate memorable functions.

Find out how to…take enquiries for a function, how to prepare yourself for a meeting with the client, how to develop a Function Sales Kit and how to record bookings.

Find out…what amenities, technical and general facilities you have to offer.

Discover how to…work out floor plans and table plans.  Understand the main function styles.

Discover how to…organise menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails and afternoon tea/coffee, as well as beverages.

Learn how to…find suitable employees and place them. 

How to Organise Stress-Free Functions eGuide 

ONLY £9.95

The more relaxed, competent, and experienced you appear

the more a nervous host/hostess will be reassured.


Naturally, as a restaurant owner/caterer, you want to eliminate as much as possible any cause for anxiety on the part of your client.  You must consider and cater for every likely contingency, so the importance of basic preparation cannot be overemphasised.

Most tasks fall into a sequence of 4 simple steps namely: 



implementing and 


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