Are you thinking of starting your own small food business, but feeling overwhelmed by all the legal requirements?


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How to Keep Within the Law


Are you thinking of starting your own small food business, but feeling overwhelmed by all the legal requirements?


Starting a small food business can be exciting, but it also involves navigating a complex web of legal regulations. Whether it’s registering your business name, deciding on the type of legal structure, insurance, or obtaining the necessary licenses, it can be challenging to know where to begin. That’s where our How to Keep Within in Law eGuide comes in!

With easy-to-follow guidance on everything from buying an existing food business, starting a new food business, and purchasing or leasing your premises, our eGuide will help you get your business up and running in no time.

Don’t let legal requirements hold you back from starting your own small food business! Purchase our How to Keep Within the Law eGuide today and get the information you need to succeed.

Do you know…

  • which business structure will best suit your food business needs?  Whether a startup is a sole trader, a partnership or a company, the costs and risks are quite different.
  • if you have enough money to survive beyond the initial start-up period?  This includes financing the purchase of any stock and equipment and paying your general living expenses while you go through the start-up phase.  Starting a food business is one thing but having enough money to keep it going while you get established, is another.
  • if you have enough knowledge, determination, and experience to succeed by yourself?  If not, will this affect how you structure your business?  Owning a business takes a broad range of personal, technical and management skills and abilities.
  • if you need a partner to share the costs and risks of operating your business? How much money they should invest in the business and whether they have the right kind of experience that you need?
  • registration with the Office of Consumer Affairs will record your business name and help to prevent other people from using it?  Do you have a business name?
  • the right type of insurance cover for your food business?

How did you do?  Be honest!  If you answered NO to any of the above questions,

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‘How to Keep Within the Law’ eGuide

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Ensure your long-term food business venture success.

How to Keep Within the Law eGuide.


9 Ingredients to ensure your long-term success.

Reasons for starting a food business the essentials for success in a food business  

Personal, technical and management characteristics and skillsyour strengths and weaknesses and how to change weaknesses into strengths.

Buying an existing or starting a new food businessthe advantages and disadvantages.

Are you going to purchase or lease your premisesall the pros and cons.

Buying a franchise or operating a catering business from home?what you need to consider.

Types of legal structuresthe advantages and disadvantages of a sole trader, partnership or company.  

Your business namehow to register your business name.

Importance of insurancethe right type of insurance cover for your food business.

Licences, regulations, taxation,  sources of advice and assistanceProfessional advisers and experts will be able to offer you guidance on many aspects of your business. 

How to Keep Within the Law‘ eGuide

ONLY £9.95

Your dream life starts here!


If you have decided to go into a food business for yourself you need to consider which business is right for you a home-based food business, food truck business, catering service, online food delivery startup, coffee shop, cafe or a restaurant business. Your small food business is more likely to be successful if there is a matching of your skills, experience, knowledge and interests with the business.  Your business should build on your talents and be one in which you will remain enthusiastic, even when things look discouraging.

If you’re honest with yourself about the gaps in your business plan, skills and knowledge, you can take steps to tackle them right now.  Filing them under ‘worry about it later’ is only going to cause you unnecessary grief further down the line.

Your vision and enthusiasm will go a long way to making your business flourish:  and don’t forget there’s a wealth of support out there to help your business succeed.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Let us help you to start and grow your fsmall ood business.


For a low investment, download a copy of How to Keep Within the Law eGuide it is easy to read with lots of examples, case studies, tips, and activities…knowhow you can use in your own business immediately.

This eGuide is delivered online, so you can access it from your computer at a time convenient to you.

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