How to create a memorable wedding?

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Answer: A wedding is an event to be remembered for a lifetime, so it’s essential when making plans that everything is arranged to function without a hitch on the day.

How to Create a Memorable Wedding eGuide. Find out how to plan wedding. Arrange a wedding to be remembered a lifetime. Get Wedding Guide now!


How to Create a Memorable Wedding eGuide


How to create a memorable wedding?


Weddings are not an everyday occurrence in family life and when the occasion does arise the know-how behind the arrangements has to be discovered, so it is important to find the right advice on the protocol involved in designing that perfect Wedding Day!

 ‘How to Create a Memorable Wedding’ eGuide


and complete our wedding to-do list.

How to Create a Memorable Wedding eGuide


19 essential ingredients to ensure the wedding goes off without a hitch on the day.

The Engagement

The traditional means of releasing the news of an engagement is to place an announcement in the local or national newspaper. 

Rings and jewellery

The rings you select now will be worn for the rest of your lives so think carefully about your investment.

Legal Matters

At least one month and one day, and not more than six months, before the wedding, you’ll need to lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage form.

Wedding Ceremony

There are three main ways to marry:  in a registry office with a court-appointed celebrant, a church wedding with a religious Minister or other church leader or a civil ceremony with a professional celebrant.

Wedding Reception

The first big decision to make is where to hold the reception.  It will be one of the more costly aspects of your wedding budget, so it’s important to make the right decision.  

Wedding Advisers and Caterers

If organising your own wedding does not appeal to you or you simply don’t have the time, you might consider hiring a professional wedding adviser.

Seating at the Reception

Visit your reception venue with your guest list and have a talk with the function manager. 

Organising Drinks

Often, the groom’s parents will offer to pay for the drinks at the reception and the groom will be responsible for ensuring the drink requirements.

Decorating Your Day

You have now selected your wedding and reception venue, so now you need to organise your decorations.  

Photography and Videography

Photography is considered a very important aspect of most couples’ weddings.  Choosing the right photographer is vital, as he or she will be capturing the memories you will keep for a lifetime.  

Wedding Cakes

Traditionally, there were two cakes, a highly decorated white cake for the bride and a dark fruit cake for the groom.  


Flowers are important in creating the perfect wedding. 


Transport can be as simple as decorating the best cars you, your friends and family have to offer, or a fleet of vintage cars…and more.

Music and Entertainment

No wedding reception is complete without entertainment and there are many options available.   

Dress Code

Every bride knows her wedding is all about the dress, so start shopping at least six months before the wedding.  


There are so many amazing, creative stationery options now available. 

Duties and Role of Attendants

Choose level-headed, responsible persons for these roles.

Looking Your Best

A beautiful bride is a healthy bride:  radiant, glowing, happy and relaxed.  This is not something you can achieve the night before the wedding! 

On the Day

The ushers should be the first to arrive at the church to direct guests to their seats and distribute the order of service cards.  

How to Create a Memorable Wedding eGuide 


Design that perfect Wedding Day!


The religious ceremony should be something to provide a lifelong memory for the bridal couple.  The transport arrangements should be carefully organised to ensure that everyone invited can get to and from the church and the reception with a minimum of effort.  The car parking and the arrival and departure of the guests must be well organised.  The standard of the reception catering must be good and the accommodation adequate enough to allow guests to move freely and easily to meet each other.

 So, what are you waiting for? 

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