We will help you to discover 'How to Cook the Books' at a time convenient to you and without breaking the bank!

Restaurant/Cafe Finance Training

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Financial controls for a restaurant business. Learn how to understand financial controls for a restaurant business to make a profit.Get financial guide now!

Restaurant/Cafe Finance Training

We will help you to discover ‘How to Cook the Books’ at a time convenient to you and without breaking the bank!

You have a restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business, but don’t know how to keep correct financial records to enable you to measure, control, evaluate and forecast your profitability, your financial needs and your financial viability?

Restaurant finance management – where to start 

A La Carte Training has produced ‘How to Cook the Books’ eBook to provide you with the essential skills to ensure the financial viability of your restaurant business.

Do you know…

  • how much it will cost you to set up and run the restaurant business?
  • how to work out a budget and cash flow for your first twelve months of business?
  • that the lack of money to keep the business going is a common cause of failure.  Have you worked out exactly how much money you are prepared to put into the restaurant business?
  • where to borrow money for your business?
  • what gross profit, level of expenses and net profit you can expect from your business?
  • what records do you need to keep, to maintain financial control of your business?
  • how businesses pay tax, including provisional tax and how you can best prepare yourself to pay future taxes?

How did you do?  Be honest!  Did you answer NO to any of the above questions? Then download a copy of:

 How to Cook the Books eGuide for ONLY $19.95

and find out the start-up and running costs of a restaurant business.


This eGuide is not a textbook because it is very practical. It has lots of examples, case studies, tips, and activities. Most importantly, for a very low investment, the eGuide is delivered online.  Therefore you can access it from your computer at a time convenient to you.

How to Cook the Books eGuide covers:

  • Start-up and running costs of a business.  Most importantly, don’t underestimate these costs – they are critical in assessing the viability of the business idea.
  • Obtaining finance for your business.  Firstly, sources of finance and secondly, the types of facilities available for your business.
  • Business records.  For instance, what should you keep to make better business decisions?
  • Restaurant Budgets.  Moreover, this process involves forecasting, monitoring, and planning.  Therefore, find out the different types of budgets that are useful for a small food business.
  • Costing and pricing.  Firstly, determine the cost and secondly, how to price a product/service.
  • Taxation.  Above all, consider the many laws which apply to a small business.

When planning to start a new business or the future of an existing one, it is essential to know what finances will be required, where the money will come from and how you plan to spend it.

How to Cook the Books eGuide for ONLY $19.95 

Keep control of your finances!