Waitstaff initial impressions of customers?

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No matter the waitstaff initial impressions of customers they are trained to provide good service and strive to ensure a positive experience for all customers.



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What are some of the waitstaff’s initial impressions of customers?


Here are a few possible first impressions waitstaff might have:

Friendly and approachable: 

Waitstaff may appreciate customers who greet them with a smile, make eye contact, and are generally polite and friendly. It creates a positive atmosphere and sets a good tone for the interaction.

Impatient or demanding: 

If customers display impatience, speak curtly, or make excessive demands right from the start, the waitstaff may perceive them as difficult to please. This can create a more stressful environment for both the customer and the server.

Attentive and respectful: 

When customers are attentive and listen carefully when the server is explaining the menu or taking their order, it can leave a positive impression. Being respectful by using “please” and “thank you” can also contribute to a good initial impression.

Disinterested or distracted: 

Waitstaff may notice when customers seem disinterested or distracted, such as constantly checking their phones, not making eye contact, or appearing preoccupied. This may give the impression that they are not fully engaged in the dining experience.

Well-prepared or indecisive: 

Customers who come to the table with a clear idea of what they want to order or ask knowledgeable questions about the menu can be seen as well-prepared. On the other hand, indecisive customers who take a long time to make choices may require more attention and time.

Respectful of staff and surroundings: 

Customers who treat both the waitstaff and the restaurant environment with respect and cleanliness are likely to make a positive impression. Being mindful of noise levels, not making a mess, and adhering to any restaurant policies can contribute to a positive interaction.

Remember, these are general observations, and it’s essential to treat each customer as an individual with unique needs and preferences. Waitstaff professionals are trained to provide good service regardless of initial impressions and strive to ensure a positive experience for all customers.


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