Food home delivery services?

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Given the growth of food home delivery services, it’s become increasingly important to ensure your meals will hold up during the delivery process.


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Do food home delivery services offer great sales opportunities?


It should come as no surprise to learn that home delivery and takeaway occasions more than doubled in 2020. And with the rise of the delivery market, Italian-style cuisine is now the top cuisine ordered online in Australia, favoured by 25 per cent of consumers*.

Given this growth and the fact that presentation is just as important as taste in today’s Instagram-driven food market, it’s become increasingly important to ensure that your meals will hold up during the delivery process.

With pizza the number one cuisine ordered online, you need to make sure that your ingredients, packaging and presentation will all withstand the rigours of transport to the customer’s premises. The same applies to your pasta dishes.

It’s no longer a case of a product needing to hold up between plating in the kitchen and being served on the restaurant or café table – it now needs to hold up until it reaches the customer’s front door.

Here are our top tips on how to make that happen:

Use high-quality cheese for your pizzas…

like Perfect Italiano Traditional Mozzarella, Perfect Italiano Ultra Mozzarella or Perfect Italiano Pizza Cheese. These have been developed to maintain both presentation and performance over the time it takes to go from the pizza oven to the customer’s address. Cheese plays an important role in binding the other toppings of your pizza together and the superior stretch of these Perfect Italiano cheeses ensures that everything will still be in place when it reaches the customer.

Cream-based pasta sauces…

also need to stand up to delivery. A pre-reduced cream with superior coating consistency like Anchor Extra Yield Culinary Cream is the perfect choice to ensure your pasta sauce stays thick and creamy and won’t split or separate during delivery.

Invest in vented thermal pizza delivery bags…

which keep hot air circulating to ensure your pizzas don’t arrive lukewarm and soggy.

Tampere-evident packaging…

is a wise choice as it will serve to reassure your customers that their order hasn’t been touched since it was packed.

Appropriate instructions…

to delivery drivers such as ‘handle with care’, ‘don’t lay on the side’ and so on can help ensure your food arrives in good condition.

(Source: Hospitality Magazine 20/05/2022. *Globaldata Market Analyzers, Channel size by cuisine, February 2021; IBISWorld Pizza Restaurants in Australia, Specialized Report; IBISWorld Fast Food and Takeaway Food Services in Australia, Specialized Report H4512, November 2020; The NPD Group/CREST®, Occasions 2020 vs. 2019, November 2020).

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