Catering function rental equipment?

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Consideration must be given to listing and ordering as necessary the catering function rental equipment and other special requests required for the catering function. 


Ingredient 4: Organise Stress-Free Functions


What does catering function rental equipment consist of?


To ensure the minimum of time spent on preparing for a function on an actual day, consideration must be given to listing and ordering as necessary the equipment and other special requests required for the function. 

Rental equipment

When choosing a rental company it is important to consider:

    • Should have large stock.
    • Wide range of prices.
    • Tasteful styles of dishes, glasses, cutlery and accessories.
    • Stock in good condition.
    • Reliable and prompt delivery and pick-up service.
    • Seven days a week availability
    • Other equipment such as tables, tablecloths, chairs, large coffee-makers and portable ovens.  Also major equipment such as tents and dance floors.
    • Will they offer a discount?

Some of the advantages of renting equipment include:

    • The right amount of equipment.
    • Right quality for the right occasion.
    • Hours of dishwashing time saved.
    • No fear of valuable pieces being lost or broken.
    • Storage of equipment between jobs
    • No heavy lifting
    • Valuable money is not tied up in equipment.

When ordering any rental items they must be in writing and will include the quantity, item description, unit price, total price, a date for delivery, a place for delivery and payment terms and conditions clearly specified. 

Rental equipment may consist of:

  • Service equipment
  • Furniture:
    • Dance floor, stage, cat-walk, dais, lectern other special needs as applicable.

Special requests:

  • Printing:
    • Menus, place cards, name tags, invitations, brochures, etc.  (Ensure that the organiser proofreads and approves the master copy prior to printing in quantity).
  • Secretarial:
    • Typing, duplicating, recording, telephone and other facilities, as available/applicable.
  • Promotions:
    • Public relations, press release, radio/TV coverage, etc. (only with the organiser’s approval).
  • Extra facilities: 
    • Accommodation, change-rooms, car parking, etc. (check also for special weight, size, owner requirements, etc for special exhibits and/or demonstrations). Construction of a stage for the concert.
    • Erecting a catwalk and providing dressing rooms for a fashion show.
    • Preparing a head table for the wedding party.
    • Fitting out a dance floor and stage or providing an area for the DJ.
    • Requiring an elaborate lighting system for a cookery presentation
    • Constructing a focus point from which to launch a product.
    • Providing a range of audio visual equipment for a presentation and organising a suitable layout
    • Providing a suitable layout for a trade show, such as a bridal show with booths, stalls, lighting, catwalk, etc.
    • Photographer, hire cars, flowers, special décor, wedding (or other) cakes, etc.

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