How to purchase safe food?

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Purchase safe food is one of the first steps to producing and selling safe food. 


Ingredient 1: Be Food Safe


How to purchase safe food?


You may purchase your food by going to a store/supplier and selecting and transporting the food yourself or alternatively, you may have suppliers deliver food directly to your food business.

  • Check for signs of quality and avoid fresh foods that may be bruised or blemished.
  • When selecting fresh foods (eg meat) check the colour of the fat, firmness of the flesh and the odour of the food
  • For non-perishables ensure freshness by checking for the use-by date.  The seal should be airtight on packages and should not be dented or damaged.
  • Purchase items in sensible amounts.  Perishables should be purchased in useable amounts to avoid leftovers turning rancid.
  • On receipt of food always check the packaging for breakages or the diminished quality of fresh foods.


You do not get what you expect.

You get what you inspect!

A written agreement between you and your suppliers is strongly recommended as they help simplify the process of returning and refunding unacceptable/unwanted products.

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