What are the methods of attracting applicants?

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There are several methods of attracting applicants and the option you choose will depend on the type of job you are offering and your budget.  


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What are the methods of attracting applicants?


Here are some options for you to consider:


Word of mouth can be a useful way of finding someone.  The advantages are that it is quick, cheap and you may get a person with some degree of loyalty to you and your business. 

Registering with a Job Network

Job Network is a national network of more than 300 private, community and government employment agencies.  There may be fees involved with this option. 

Registering with a Hospitality Employment Agency

You may wish to consider using the services of a specialist agency.  Hospitality agencies can be particularly useful if you need a highly specialised person, such as a chef or if you need someone on a temporary basis, such as waitstaff.  

Shopping Centre Notice Board

Posting a notice about a vacancy on a shopping centre notice board can be useful, if the type of job and the location are suitable. 

Advertising in your own cafe

This is an inexpensive way of finding staff.  You could display a notice inside the cafe and another on the window asking people to apply for the position.

Advertising in a newspaper

For more general positions you may want to advertise in a newspaper.  Consider which paper will be most suitable for attracting prospective applicants.  The advertisement will need to clearly outline the skills and qualifications you are looking for in the applicant. 

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