What is a Holiday Home Freezer Service?

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If you are interested in running a freezer service business then think about a holiday home freezer service. This form of freezer cooking has begun to flourish in holiday areas where there are a large number of self-catering flats and cottages to let.  


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What is a holiday home freezer service?


Another form of freezer cooking has begun to flourish in holiday areas where there are a large number of self-catering flats and cottages to let.  As an optional extra amenity, the owner or agent of the holiday home can arrange to have a freezer filled with sufficient food to keep the holiday-makers well-fed with minimal effort on their part throughout their stay. 

This will obviously cost them more than doing their own catering from scratch, but much less than eating out in cafes, hotels and restaurants every night, so for many, it’s a very attractive proposition.  

Usually, a list of available dishes, plus prices, is sent to them as soon as the booking is confirmed and they are able to select and send in their order two or three weeks before arrival.

Again, this is a safe freelance option because it is only necessary to provide what you know is required, so there is no financial risk, nor is there the expense of advertising.  

But it is not a big money-spinner, for several reasons.  

First, the agency or individual letting the holiday homes is likely to insist on charging you a commission on sales in return for providing you with customers.  

Secondly, the customers themselves might not feel that there’s enough cash in their holiday kitty to splash out on service of this nature and prefer to exist on fast food, so some weeks there might be little call for your cooking.  

The greatest disadvantage, however, is the seasonal aspect of this type of business.  There may be several long lean months when the holiday homes stand empty, their freezers unfilled and the busiest time will certainly clash with your own need for a holiday or the time when your own family commitments are heaviest.

This is the sort of business venture that depends upon many factors which you need to consider before you get involved, so ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I live in an area which attracts comparatively affluent, self-catering holiday-makers?
  • Can I persuade holiday homeowners or agents that it is in their interest to co-operate with me and send out my information material to their prospective customers?
  • Am I able and happy to work hard during the holiday period and have time on my hands for the rest of the year?
  • Can I tie in this particular type of catering with some other venues in order to ensure continuity of both work and income?
  • Am I sure that I am completely reliable and have a foolproof backup in case I have some crisis and cannot fulfil my commitment? (If a disappointed holiday-maker complains that you have let him/her down and not produced what you promised to deliver you will have spoilt his/her holiday and your own reputation).

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