How to determine restaurant staffing needs?

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Restaurant staffing needs require the skill of a good menu planner to match the menu to staff skills and limitations.


Ingredient 2: Design a Market Focused Menu


How to determine restaurants staffing needs?


Any menu must be planned so that the available staff can effectively produce and serve it.  Cooks should be sufficient in skill and numbers to be able to produce the menu in the time available.  Frequently menus which have wonderful combinations of food are so complicated that the staff has neither the time nor the skill to produce the items.  

To make the menu workable, the staff will make changes to cope, but usually quality suffers in some way.  Every time an extra item is added to a menu to produce it requires the time and skill of your staff.

The waitstaff must also be sufficient in numbers and skill to be able to serve the menu.  It is unrealistic to plan menu items that require multiple dishes to be placed on a table for each customer in a low cost, limited-service establishment.  

Menu planners often fall into the trap of overlooking the number of trips waitstaff will need to make to a table with some types of menu items.

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