Why is it important to conduct a customer analysis?

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It is important to conduct a customer analysis to find out who your customers will be and what they need, want and desire and then come up with a product or service at the right price and place and with the right service and quality to satisfy their needs. 


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Why is it important to conduct a customer analysis?


Only after you have a good idea of who these people are, can you make sensible decisions as to how you can best satisfy their demands.  

Do you know:

      • Who are your potential or existing customers?
      • Where are they?
      • Why do they buy your products or service
      • When do they buy them?
      • How do they buy them?  Through what channel?
      • How much will they buy?
      • How often will they buy?
      • How can you communicate with them?  What do they read or listen to?
      • What are they influenced by?
      • What are they prepared to pay? 
      • Do you know who your customers will be?  
      • Do you know their buying preferences?  
      • Are they young or middle-aged?  
      • Do you know their average incomes?  
      • Do they live in single-family dwellings or house boats?  
      • Are they male or female, children or adults?  
      • And if you don’t know, do you know how to find out?

This data provides a more than useful beginning position for you to consider your business as it lets you know what will be expected from your business, even before you start.

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