Personal, technical and management skills for food business?

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Because most business failures are the result of management problems you must understand what personal, technical and management skills needed for a food business.


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What personal, technical and management skills needed for a food business?


Because you, as the owner of a food business, are the main driving force behind the operation, as well as the major decision-maker, your personal characteristics and skills are crucial to the survival of the business.  


You need to be ambitious, single-minded, determined, and have a great deal of energy and drive.

In addition to certain personal characteristics, there are a number of skills and abilities which impact on the likelihood of business success.  These skills and abilities can be grouped into two subcategories of technical skills and managerial skills.


Technical skills are needed to undertake the tasks around which the business centres, such as trade or professional skills (eg chef). 

  • Business and Management skills
  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • People
  • Financial
  • and more…

It is important for you to identify what skills you can contribute to your business. It is possible for an individual to have one set of skills and yet be lacking in another.  For example, you maybe a qualified chef, but may have little idea of how to market your food outlet.

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