What’s involved in baking for a market stall?

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When considering what’s involved in baking for a market stall you can either sell your products to someone already established with a market stall or start your own market stall.   


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What’s involved in baking for a market stall?


Selling your product to someone already established means your outlay initially won’t be too great.  Obviously, the outlay is going to be much greater if you are setting up your own stall;  quantities will be much larger and, of course, you will need to buy or hire the stall itself.  Don’t buy too much equipment to start with as you may find that you change your lines early on and therefore won’t use some of the new equipment.

Go along and check the markets out yourself and see if there is a need for your food product.  Find out the names and addresses of the people who operate the markets and make arrangements to go along and talk to them.  You will be able to find out how the market operates, what the initial cost and running cost is for the stall, what sort of goods sell well and whether there are any obvious gaps in the product regularly on sale.

Thinking about your product

What you decide to make will depend upon your own skills, upon what is likely to sell and upon what other people are selling.  Try to choose food that you like making because you will be producing them in much larger numbers than usual. 

Start with one, two or three lines and do them regularly.  It will take a few weeks to see if they are selling, but if they do, stick to them.  

Presenting your product

Display material for your stall is important.  You will need table cloths (preferably white) which will look attractive but wear well.  And if you can vary the height of the display area by using blocks or tins under your table cloths, you will be able to set out a much more eye-catching display than you could on a flat surface.

Packaging and labelling your product

It is important to check the Food Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations for the rules and regulations regarding the packaging and labelling of food.

Pricing your product

Work out some sample prices, then see how these compare with other stalls or with the prices charged in shops.  Do not be too depressed if your prices come out higher.  Provided that your product is of a consistently high standard, customers are usually prepared to pay a premium for homemade products.

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