What factors affect menu planning?

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Specific knowledge of customers is essential to understand what factors affect menu planning.  Identifying or defining the market sector which you are seeking to satisfy is very important.  It is impossible to please all the people all the time.


Ingredient 2: Design a Market-Focused Menu


What factors affect menu planning?


The first task of menu planning is to identify those customer groups that you wish to serve and then develop a menu that will appeal to their particular tastes.  It is not a matter of making a choice of dishes that you hope will appeal to the customers.  The approach should be first to identify the customers and their needs and wants and then select menu items that you expect would meet those needs.  It is important to realise that over time the type of customer can and will change.  The menu in any location will therefore need to change as the customer type changes.


If you had a family type restaurant, the dishes that you would include on the menu are price balanced and designed for the affordability of the average family.  It is very unlikely that you would offer grilled crayfish or roast fillet of beef on this type of family menu due to the higher selling price of each dish.

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