How to receive and check food purchasing?

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Food commodities cannot be sold for a profit if they arrive short in weight, short in quantity, in poor condition or if it does not arrive at all!  


Ingredient 3: Food Purchasing


How to receive and check food purchasing?


It is essential that proper and effective receiving procedures be put into place in order to reduce problems.

You may be willing to rely on a usually dependable supplier, but not checking orders as they arrive can result in:

  • the wrong quantity being supplied
  • the wrong type, size, brand or quality being supplied
  • future discrepancies and errors in stock records
  • damaged goods not being identified
  • paying for goods not received.

These factors have the potential to absorb your working capital and your profits.  To overcome the problem, a simple step-by-step procedure should be followed.

Be ready for deliveries

Many deliveries are made in the very early morning hours, therefore it is an important practice to ensure that there is actually someone physically present to receive the ordered commodities. 

Check the merchandise thoroughly

 It is essential that commodities are physically checked for quality and specification requirements.

Weigh items separately

Remember that scales take into account the weight of anything that is placed on it.  Always remove the excess paper, packing materials, ice, etc before weighing products.  Also do not weigh similar products together at the same time.  For example, if a box of meat contained both fillets of beef and rump meat, you would weigh each product separately since they both have different purchase prices.

Store items promptly  

Check and store perishable items as soon as possible.  The longer they are left in a receiving area they become more susceptible to theft or quality deterioration. 

All too often the benefits of an excellent purchasing plan are lost because of poor receiving procedures. 

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