What are some catering business ideas?

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There are many catering business ideas market stalls, confectionery, celebration cake service, bar and hotel food, lunch boxes and picnics, making preserves for sale, cooking for dinner parties and running a freezer service, weddings, product launches and more… 


Ingredient 4: Catering Business Ideas


What are some catering business ideas?


Want to be a chef but don’t like the nighttime hours?  What about being a personal chef? 

How would you like to work less than seven hours a day, have nights, weekends and holidays off and take regular vacations? 

Be your own boss.  Devote one day per family, usually cooking about 10 full meals that will last them for two weeks. 

The first step in the personal chef-to-client relationship is an interview with the family about food likes, dislikes, dietary requirements.

You then submit a menu for the client’s approval.  Usually, it’s for two weeks, but it can be more or less.

You then shop for the ingredients and in one day at the client’s house, cook the required number of meals.

It’s good, home-cooked, properly prepared nutritious food.

So, who are your customers? Customers can be varied: 

  • A retired older couple, young professional working people.
  • Many people don’t want to work 8–10 hours a day, and either go home and cook up a meal or go and wait in a restaurant.
  • This is not just a service for rich people.  People want to have healthy food, they want to spend quality time with their children and they want to live normal lives.
  • When you do all the planning, shopping, preparation and clean-up, clients don’t have to do anything except approve the menu, come home and heat it up.  
  • They can afford this service as the typical client is a two-earner household with a combined income.

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