How to start a home-based catering business?

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So, you want to start a home-based catering business.   Congratulations!  

There are many advantages to working from home:  it reduces costs;  it enables easy involvement with the family; it provides part-time work.  All of these are important points indicating that a home-based business may be the most practical way to operate a food business in the initial stages. 


Ingredient 4: Ideas


How to start a home-based catering business?


It is essential that before embarking on your food business, you find out whether or not you are permitted to run a food business from your home.  Different local government authorities have different regulations. 

If it is illegal in your area then the law requires that you find an outside kitchen eg: churches and other public institutions such as sports clubs (eg bowling clubs/small golf clubs) and corporate kitchens. Or perhaps a shared workplace establishment where a group of cooks carry out their activities in one commercial kitchen.

It is most important that before you start your home-based catering business is to make sure you gain as much hospitality and business knowledge as possible so that you are well prepared. Consider legalities, marketing, customer service, menu design, finances, purchasing and staff.

And don’t forget the many ways to cook for cash market stalls, confectionery, celebration cake service, bar and hotel food, lunch boxes and picnics, making preserves for sale, cooking for dinner parties and running a freezer service, weddings, corporations and the list goes on…  

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