What are restaurant marketing objectives?

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Everything we do has an objective, even if we do not recognise it as such.  Why do we go to a good restaurant for a meal?  We may quickly say: ‘to satisfy our hunger’.  But is that really your only objective? 


Ingredient 2: Restaurant marketing


What are restaurant marketing objectives?


Restaurant marketing objectives should be set for those areas that are directly and vitally linked to the survival of your business.   

Let’s look at some typical business objectives:

  • achieve a return on investment of 20% by 30 June 20…
  • increase sales from 2000 customers per month to 3000 customers per/mth by June 20…

Once you have worked out what your goal and objectives are you can then work out how you will achieve them.


Marketing Goal

Reposition lunchtimes to attract more customers.

Marketing Objectives

Increase lunchtime customers by 20% over the coming year.

Marketing Tools
  • Advertisements 
  • Websites
  • e-newsletter
  • Menu
  • Signage
  • Survey and competition winners get a free dinner for six people.


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