How to start an eatery business?

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Discover the many ways in which money can be made in the food business.

Have you had the idea to start an eatery business for a while?  

You can do it with the right help. 


Ingredient 1: Business Law


What do you need to know to start an eatery business?


Here are tips for starting a new eatery business and the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Write a business plan – this will be your roadmap – this is a document that sets out your objectives, short/long term goals, target market and financial forecasts.  You need to make a time frame in which your business goals can be achieved.
  • Determine the best business structure for your business – getting this right from the beginning will prevent much work down the track, reduce your tax bill and reduce any risks.
  • Do you need to register for GST? 
  • Will you have employees? 
  • Perhaps you need to register a business name.  Are you going to trademark your business?  A trademark protects your business name, logo, and things like slogans so other businesses can’t use them.
  • Do you need any licenses eg alcohol licence?  This is something your accountant can help you with.
  • Meet with an insurance broker to discuss any insurance you may need to protect yourself and your business – do you need public liability insurance WorkCover?
  • Open business bank accounts.  One for your everyday trading and another for GST, income tax and PAYG withholding. 

Does all of the above sound confusing?  It isn’t! 

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