What is the best way to plan an event?

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So, you need to plan an event but you are not sure where to start?

A professional approach, together with consistency, is the key to success.


Ingredient 4: Function Management


What is the best way to plan an event?


For many people, organising a function is an undertaking full of stress and worry.  Naturally, as a restaurant owner/caterer, you want to eliminate as much as possible any cause for anxiety on the part of your client.  

Most tasks fall into a sequence of 4 simple steps namely: planning, organising, implementing and evaluating.

Step 1: Planning
  • Choosing a venue (if necessary)
  • Deciding on the style of service
  • Deciding on the menu
Step 2: Organising
  • Collating the recipes
  • Ordering food
  • Storage of food
  • Determining the order of preparation
  • Organising staff (if necessary)
Step 3: Implementing
  • Preparation and cooking
  • Keeping food hot or chilled
  • Garnishing and presenting food
  • Serving food and attending to the guests’ needs
Step 4: Evaluating
  • Reflecting on any difficulties encounter
  • Reviewing guest satisfaction
  • Evaluating the success of individual dishes

The function co-ordinator must consider and cater for every likely contingency, so the importance of basic preparation cannot be overemphasised.  The client will think of you as the expert, so a professional approach to planning, together with consistency, is the key to success.

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