Importance of customer information systems?

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It is often easier and more cost-effective to keep an existing customer than acquire a new one.  Maintaining customer information systems will help you keep in contact.


Ingredient 2:  Improve restaurant customer service 


What’s the importance of customer information systems?


You can use restaurant customer systems to keep customers and build their loyalty toward your business. Gathering information about your customers is a very profitable activity.  Some ways of gathering this information include:

Customer surveys:

You can do this either by having a customer feedback form or by asking customers to respond to a questionnaire (offer an incentive – opportunity to win a dinner for two).

Ask them! 

A lot of information can be picked up purely by asking customers for their opinions when you’re dealing with them or during an informal conversation.

Focus groups:

Get a group of typical customers together and ask their opinions.  This is a good opinion-gathering activity for new products/services or ways of improving service.

You need to ensure that customer feedback is used:

  • Keep a record of all customer suggestions and feedback.
  • Let everyone know when you change a customer service process or procedure. 
  • Thank the customer for any feedback.
  • Reward customers for offering ideas and suggestions.
  • Provide feedback to employees on customer feedback.
  • Build customer feedback and research into all training programs.
  • Measure the implementation of customer feedback suggestions and report on them.

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