How to set up a buffet table?

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How to Setup a Profitable Buffet Table. Learn how to create a profitable buffet table to lower your labour and food costs.

Buffet table service requires the least amount of labour, both kitchen and service.  A busy catering operation can increase its flexibility by applying this style of service to one large function while simultaneously serving another party. 


Ingredient 4:  How to set up a buffet table?


How to set up a buffet table in a small space?


Organise and plan the buffet table anticipating any possible difficult situation, such as:

  • Available space and room configuration. 
  • Table shapes and placement. 
  • Time allocated to service period. 
  • A number of guests, clients’ requests. 
  • Need for demonstration or cooking station. 
  • The ratio of guest-served to attendant-served. 
  • Staffing conditions.
  • Amount of restocking type and distance. 
  • Size of sector area.
  • Service standards. 
  • The proximity of service to production. 
  • Ease of service:  guest. 
  • Ease of service:  attendant. 
  • Expertise requirement.
  • Prop or backdrop requirements.
  • Power needs. 
  • Lighting needs. 
  • Breakdown responsibilities.

Buffet type meals vary considerably depending on the occasion, and the price paid, from the simple finger buffet, where all items prepared are proportioned to a small size so that the customer may consume it without the use of any cutlery, to the exotic fork buffets where hot and cold food is available and where many large dishes will be carved and portioned for the individual guest.

Everything must be considered that influences how to set up a buffet table in a small space.

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