Restaurant food presentation ideas?

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A key to success in the restaurant business is food presentation. Successful restaurant businesses are those that produce consistent quality and attractively served food.  This is what turns casual customers into ‘regulars’.  Below are some restaurant food presentation ideas.


Ingredient 4: Restaurant food presentation ideas


Restaurant food presentation ideas?


The way we present food influences the diner’s attitude to it enormously.  

So what constitutes a good food presentation? Here are a few tips:

  • Choose serving dishes that will complement the food prepared.
  • Avoid over-handling foods from the edge of a plate or platter.
  • Wipe the rim of the plate before serving.
  • Arrange foods neatly and in like groups.
  • Avoid placing foods that are similarly coloured together.
  • Do not overload plates with food.
  • Foods served on large plates should have centre height.
  • Always present food with the best side uppermost.
  • Contrasting rows of colour can look effective.

There are attractive ways and unattractive ways of presentation and it is surprisingly easy to get it right.

First impression counts! If the dish looks good your customer will be predisposed to find it tasting good.  If it looks dull or unattractive it will need to be sublimely good to get your customer to change his/her mind.


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