Factors to consider when purchasing food?

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Improving the efficiency of purchasing food does not have to be difficult.  It may simply be improving the planning stage to more clearly define the goods required, time frames, and performance measures.


What are the factors to consider when purchasing food?


Use a simple five-prong purchasing food strategy.  You want to buy:

The right product

The right quality

At the right price

At the right time

From the right source

Before purchasing food assess the factors listed below:

  • Consciously plan what to order considering your target market, the season, your sales forecast and the quality required.
  • Avoid relying too much on suppliers to tell you what to buy.
  • Properly assess the financial implications of bulk buying.
  • Know how much stock on hand you should carry on average.
  • Know the lead times of your suppliers.
  • Determine the stock level at which you should reorder.
  • Use a Purchase Order Form.
  • A Purchase Order Form needs to include the terms and conditions of purchase.
  • Formally receive goods into the store.
  • Check that the goods correspond with your Purchase Order Form.

A planned approach to purchasing food means deciding upon these key issues.

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