Types of food catering functions?

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In food catering functions the basic type of function remains the same and the policy of the business may be to cater for a particular type of client, the needs of the group are very different depending upon the occasion or purpose of the function.  The décor, table settings, menu, staffing and general atmosphere created will therefore have to change continually.


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What are the types of food catering functions?


The types of food catering functions can be summarised as follows:


Training seminars, lectures, large conventions for specific professional, business, trade, political, religious, or other groups, smaller training seminars for similar groups, lectures/talks by leading personalities, or a combination of all, with large audiences breaking up into smaller participating ‘discussion’ groups.  Although no actual meal may be included, coffee/tea would be served during a break in the proceedings.


Sales, public relations gatherings, large ‘promotional’ meetings for business, political, religious, or other purposes.  Exhibitions/demonstrations by manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, etc to promote their products.  Small public relations parties to ‘launch’ new products.

Charity Functions

Exhibitions, art shows, fashion parades, lectures, talks, etc are used to raise money for charity through ticket and/or product sales.  To be involved in these types of functions it must be realised that a wide range of audio-visual equipment and specialised facilities are required if a full service is to be provided.  In many instances, smaller function rooms will be available for ‘rent’ only. And the organisers will have to provide their own equipment.

Meal Functions

Held in order to gather people together over a meal for some purpose, mainly to honour some person or occasion.  Function meals in themselves are normally formal ways of celebrating such occasions as an anniversary, reunion, wedding, christening, wake, etc.

They can also be less formal, used for social/promotional purposes by political, religious, business, clubs, community service, charity, or other groups, for example, Champagne breakfast, Rotary lunch, charity dinner, etc.  For these occasions, a sit-down meal would normally be served.

Food Catering Functions

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