An efficient customer complaints handling system?

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If you have an efficient customer complaints handling system so customer complaints are handled well, customers will actually become far more loyal and enthusiastic than before they had a complaint. 


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How do you set up an efficient customer complaints handling system?


No matter how small your business, you should seriously consider having a written policy to deal with complaints and a clear procedure for staff to follow.

It’s a good idea to involve staff in developing the policy.  It may also be useful to consult a solicitor or any relevant industry association so that you can be sure the policy complies with any legal requirements.

The policy should try to anticipate potential problems then specify a course of action to resolve them.

Keep a record of all complaints.  This can include customer details, the nature of the problem, the action is taken, any communication you have had with the customer, as well as the outcome and level of satisfaction.

Try to make your system easy to use, cost-effective, and one that you and your staff feel comfortable with.

Then, encourage people to use it.  You can train and reward staff for dealing with complaints effectively.  After all, the complaints handler does not have to be the manager.  Properly prepared staff can quite easily resolve minor complaints, leaving only major issues for resolution by management.

A suggested customer complaints handling system:

  • How to acknowledge the customer’s complaint (customer complaint form).
  • Define the seriousness of a complaint.
  • Delegation of resolution responsibilities (who can approve which solutions).
  • How an investigation is to be carried out and by whom.
  • When and if a written report needs to be created.
  • A policy to replace it or refund it. 
  • A specific follow-up procedure to ensure that a problem has been corrected

Efficient complaints handling system

A good complaints handling system will recover the customer, it will turn the situation around so that the customer will not just return but be so impressed by how the complaint was resolved, that they actually become an advocate for the business.

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