Operating a catering business from home?

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There are many advantages to working from home:  it reduces costs;  it enables easy involvement with the family; it provides part-time work.  All of these are important points indicating that a home base may be the most practical way to operate a food business in the initial stages. 


Ingredient 1: Law


What are the issues involved in operating a catering business from home?


It is essential that before embarking on your catering business, you find out whether or not you are permitted to run a food business from your home.  Different local government authorities have different regulations. 

Individuals with the approval of their local council may be permitted to conduct a home-based business, provided that such occupation does not:

    • attract customers or regular and frequent deliveries of goods and equipment to the site
    • result in the requirement of a greater number of vehicle parking facilities than are normally required for the dwelling 
    • require the provision of any essential services of a greater capacity than normally required in the zone in which it is located
    • have more than one advertisement sign, and the sign displayed does not exceed 0.2 square metres in area
    • in the opinion of the council, by reason of its nature or scale, constitute use that would be more appropriately located in a zone other than a Residential Zone
    • cause injury to, or periodically affect the amenity of the neighbourhood  
    • affect the neighbourhood due to the emission of light, noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, vapour, steam, dust, ash, grit, oil, wastewater, or waste products
    • result in a substantial increase in the amount of vehicular traffic in the vicinity

These guidelines are intended as general information only.  It is essential that you seek the advice of your local council, and apply and receive approval, prior to starting up your business from home.

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