Why staff induction is important?

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Ingredient 3: Staff


Why staff induction is important?


Staff induction is important as it is the process of introducing an employee to their new workplace.  Although it will vary according to the nature of your business and the role being assumed by the new employee, the induction process generally includes:

    • an explanation of the responsibilities, duties and tasks pertaining to the position, including dress code  
    • an overview of business operations, the products/services offered, the target market, your main suppliers and the major customers
    • some background knowledge of the business size, history, future direction – a tour of the operation including the location of toilets and first aid station and an introduction to those directly involved, such as directors, partners and other staff and show new staff member his or her designated workspace and equipment 
    • an outline of your expectations regarding work ethic, quality and general conduct
    • an explanation of occupational health and safety rules and procedures that apply in the workplace    
    • a confirmation that the information provided in the letter of offer was understood
    • clarification of start, finish and break times, such as morning and afternoon tea and lunch
    • an explanation of procedures to be followed if unable to attend work
    • a discussion of any training in which the employee will be involved
    • a time set aside for the employee to ask questions
    • check back periodically with the new employee.



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4 Ingredients:

Business – keep within the law

Marketing – increase sales, make more profit

Operations – controls to save time and money

Ideas – keep your customers coming back




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