How does geography affect restaurant menu planning?

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How does geography affect restaurant menu planning?


The biggest factor for a successful business is location, location, location.  It is important to place a business where it meets the needs of the local community.  For example, a fast-food restaurant that is established close to a large university is an example of meeting the needs of that type of customer group. 

City, suburb or rural?

The locations of city, suburb or rural immediately suggest a difference of lifestyle, which will influence how often people will dine out, how much additional income they have to spend on food and to some extent preferences in style, ambiance and food choices.  For example, it may be unwise to open a fine dining restaurant in a large country town where the people themselves are accustomed to eating simple and plain foods.  But in the same instance, a family-style, value-for-money type of establishment might do very well at attracting the local community.  It once again comes back to knowing your customers and what is needed and wanted by those particular people that make up that community.

Building, area, visibility and more…

Location does not mean only a region or area.  It is also a building, within a special area, associated with specific traffic patterns, competing businesses and catchment areas from which customers are drawn.  Visibility is an extremely important part of the location.  Rarely will you find a successful business in a location that is hidden away from areas of considerable passing traffic.  Ease of access, adequate signs, lighting and parking are part of maximising location.


Competition is another significant part of the location.  If your menu is a duplicate of those of similar competitors, then the risk of competing for limited customer numbers is greatly increased, so being significantly different while remaining appealing to customers is an important aspect of maximising a location. 


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