Why staff leaves their jobs?

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Why staff leaves their jobs?


Job satisfaction is believed to be related to both restaurant absence and labour turnover.  An employee who is bored or unhappy with the job is much more likely to be repeatedly absent or to leave the job.  Some businesses have found that they are able to reduce their restaurant absence and labour turnover problems by reorganising jobs to provide more satisfaction for employees.  This sort of job redesign (or multi-tasking) usually involves giving employees more responsibility, a greater say in how they do their work, more variety and increased opportunities for advancement.

Experience shows that absence rates can be affected by:

Management style

Your management presence can have a tremendous impact on how comfortable your employees feel on the job.  Are you too abrupt?  Are your decisions about staff matters consistent or are you erratic and unpredictable?  Are you too lenient?  What is the atmosphere like in your business?

Physical working conditions

Are temperatures comfortable to work in?  If people have to work in extreme temperatures, do you provide appropriate protection and clothing?  Is the working place as clean and well organised as the operations allow?  Is there enough space for each worker?


Is the pressure of production unreasonably high?  Are there enough rest periods to allow highly pressured workers to relax?  Is the pace too slow?

Working hours

You may need to be more flexible in your arrangements.  For example, would some of your staff appreciate a four-day week or flexible working hours?

Employee’s attitude

The employee may lack interest in the job, or may not need to earn a full salary to meet personal commitments

All of these factors need to be considered carefully and sensitively if you are to uncover the reasons for your absence rates. 



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