How to Organise a Conference?

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How to Organise a Conference?


As a caterer you could be involved in organising a conference, so you’ll need to understand what’s important when setting up a conference room and the type of conference equipment available.

Conference Room

Very flexible lighting

This is best achieved by excluding daylight (and the distractions afforded by windows) and relying solely on artificial light.  It may also be necessary for the room to be completely blacked out for showing audiovisuals.

Very effective air conditioning and heating

Both warmth and stuffiness induce drowsiness, so the room should be well ventilated and slightly cooler than the normal indoor temperature.

Decoration in plain pastel colours

An absence of patterned materials and fabrics, which again can be distracting to delegates and speakers alike.

A degree of sound-proofing

So that the noise outside activities does not prove a distraction.  This includes noises within the premises as well as street and traffic noises.

A plentiful supply of power points

For apparatus, including audio-visual aids.

There should be display space on the walls

Peg-board and pinboards are ideal.

The room should be flexible in size and layout

Screens can be used to partition off part of the room.

Conference Equipment

Chairs should be comfortable

As delegates will be seated for long periods.  Stackable chairs are ideal.

A platform or dais for the speaker

This should be large enough to take a panel of speakers or VIPs and if these are seated at a table, it should be clothed down to the floor at the front.  The table should hold a carafe of water and glasses and notepads and pencils.

  • An efficient public address system must be available.
  • A lectern with a built-in desk light should be available.
  • A whiteboard and pens/eraser should be available.

Whatever equipment is provided, it must be in good working order.

More specialised equipment, which can include overhead, audio-visual equipment, etc can be hired.


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How to Organise a Conference?

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