Staff and Workplace Health and Safety

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Find out all the legislation and regulations that you have to comply with (these can vary depending on your location and industry, so be sure to check with your relevant state authority or industry body).

Determine your own workplace health and safety policy, including how you consult with staff about health and safety issues, and ensure your policy is understood and communicated.

  • Choose someone to focus particularly on workplace safety as part of their role within your business.
  • As a team, make a list of all possible risks in your workplace and ensure everybody understands their responsibilities in relation to workplace health and safety.
  • Prioritise these risks according to their likelihood and possible consequences, and start a program to deal with each one.
  • Ensure adequate employee induction and training in regards to safety.
  • Record your progress in writing.
  • Review policies and workplace safety regularly.

Staff and Workplace Health and Safety

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