Food Business Financial Controls

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Discover the many ways in which money can be made in the food business.

6 Ways to Save Money in Your Food Business

We are always looking at ways to increase our bottom line and purchasing the right Point Of Sale system will help you do just that.

Here a just a few of the advantages and savings a POS system can give you.

Theft Reduction

Probably the biggest problem facing hospitality businesses today is employee theft.  Controlling this problem can significantly add to your bottom line.  Statistics state that up to 30% of all restaurants fail because of employee theft and that one out of every two employees will steal from their employer if given the chance.

Accuracy of Orders

When a server places an order it is transmitted directly to the kitchen or bar, and printed on paper tape that is easy for both the kitchen and bar staff to read.  No more hard-to-read dockets, no more forgotten modifiers.  If a mistake is made, the hard copy is available for the manager to find out what time the order was sent, and who sent the order.  It will also define each item, with modifiers printing in red.

Discount Control

Promotions, complimentary items, and employee meals can all be handled with absolute accuracy and placed under management control.  

Ease of Training

Employee turnover is higher in the hospitality industry than in any other, and training new employees is an expense you could do without.  Purchasing a system with easy-to-read screens, and prompts for modifiers such as cooking temperatures and sauces makes training quicker and easier than ever.

Server Control

How can a system increase your sales?  By tracking which of your servers is making the most money for you.  The system, not only gives you information on the total sales each staff member makes, but on items like desserts, specials, etc. so you know who is UPSELLING your products.

Sales Reporting

The right system will offer you reporting that will help you make better business decisions about menu items, staff and sales.  Restaurant sales reports, item sales reports, server sales reports, payment reports, all just a few of the reports available to give you tighter control of your business.

For those of you in the business to make money, the question now is not ‘Can I afford to purchase a Point of Sale system?” but “Can I afford not to?”

Food Business Financial Controls

You are in business to make a profit and keeping correct records will enable you to measure, control, evaluate and forecast your profitability, your financial needs and your financial viability.

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