Workplace Health & Safety

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You’re probably going to be too busy to take things to this extreme.  But to make your workplace as safe as possible, work towards these practical options.

  • Set limits on lifting weights.  From a workplace safety perspective, claiming ‘it was my employee’s choice to lift the heavy sack’ simply doesn’t keep you free from prosecution.
  • Display clear operating instructions next to any machinery – even the food processor in a kitchen or that urn in the back office.
  • As required, make sure the staff is supplied with and use personal protective equipment. Always have a first-aid kit that’s adequate for the sort of injuries and situations you’re most likely to encounter on the premises.  Try to make sure at least one employee has a first-aid qualification.
  • Ensure you have measures in place to prevent common injuries such as slips, trips and falls, and manual handling, ergonomic, and more repetitive strain injuries.
  • Ask employees to actively watch for risks and dangers in their workplace.  Place health and safety on the agenda of every staff meeting and document these discussions as proof that you work actively on your health and safety procedures.
  • Provide all new employees with a health and safety overview as part of their induction.

Workplace Health & Safety

Keeping your workplace safe requires an ongoing commitment

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