7 Tips on How to Use Your Freezer

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Here are some basic guidelines to remember:  

  • Freezing will remove the moisture of any part of the food exposed to air.  This causes “freezer burn” and general deterioration of the product.  
  • Use heavy plastic bags, and make sure that sharp bones don’t pierce through to break the air seal. 
  • Plastic containers should be filled almost full, but not to the brim because food expands when frozen and the lid may be pushed off.
  • Good organisation in your freezer means the difference between efficiency and waste.  If you decide on a chest-type freezer find baskets that fit your freezer.  If each item is carefully labelled, dated and put in the right basket, you are saved the impractical job of removing every item to find the one you were sure was there.  It’s a good idea to keep an inventory of what is in the freezer, crossing off an item when it is removed and adding items when you put them in.
  • Instead of investing in many aluminum pans, freeze casseroles, cakes, etc., in their pans or dishes.  When they are frozen solid, place the pan in warm water, remove the block of food, and wrap it well in double plastic bags.  When you need to use it, you simply unwrap it and place it back in the original pan.  Freezer bags can be washed, dried and reused if still intact.
  • Remember, things become more brittle when frozen.  This includes everything from plastic containers and aluminum foil to pie shells.
  • Using a freezer well takes a bit of knowledge and practice. It’s a good idea to invest in any of a number of good cookbooks for freezers.  They explain at length about what foods freeze well, how to freeze them, for how long and at what stage of the preparation.

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