Restaurant and Cafe Management

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Do you dream about starting your own restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business, in fact, any type of food business?  Once you have done it you won’t want to go back to working for anyone else.

Starting and running your own food business is hard work and not without risks, but it is also an exciting and satisfying challenge and can give you a good income, providing you are prepared to invest a lot of time and energy into making it successful.

Business location

The location of your business is a very important issue for you to consider.  It is essential that you carefully match your business location with your customers. Do not select it because it is convenient for you or because it is cheap.  Your premises will probably be the most valuable investment you will make in advertising the image of your business.  Think of the following questions when choosing a location or inspecting an existing business.

  1. Looking at a number of different locations may show up some weaknesses in your first choice.  Have you compared different premises in different areas?
  2. Is the site that you prefer, close to all the businesses that you will be doing business with?
  3. Moving location is expensive.  Is your choice of building and site suitable for both your immediate needs and for future growth?
  4. A poor choice of where to start your business may put you at a considerable disadvantage.  Have you got as good a location as the businesses that you will be competing with?
  5. Any lease you sign must meet your immediate needs and future growth.  Most leases are complex legal documents, so always discuss your lease with your solicitor before you sign it.
  6. Does the lease give you the option to renew it if you want to?
  7. Do you know what other people are paying in rent for premises that are similar to those you are about to least?
  8. All workplaces, including home-based businesses, need to be registered.  Have you registered your workplace?
  9. All businesses must operate within the rules of the local council.  Have you checked with the local council about the regulations that will impact on your businesses?
  10. Where you start your business may well mean the difference between success or failure. 

Restaurant and Cafe Management

The location of your business is a very important issue for you to consider. Find out the questions to ask when choosing a location or inspecting an existing business.

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