Buffet Table and Room Layout

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How to Setup a Profitable Buffet Table. Learn how to create a profitable buffet table to lower your labour and food costs.

Buffet Table and Room Layout

A buffet offers several advantages to food businesses.  First and foremost, food can be presented to the guests in dramatic fashion. There is no other type of menu planning that will let a person show off artistic skills better than a buffet.   With basic cooking skills and following a few fundamental concepts, buffets can turn an ordinary menu or occasion into a festive party.

Tips for Buffet Room Layout 

  • Space provided and room configuration
    • Limited space for buffet table-use smaller dishes and trays.
    • Present mains on one buffet table and desserts on another.
    • Lack of space – buffet table against a wall
  • Allotted time for the service period
    • A short period of time, use two-sided tables so that guests have access from both sides.
    • Plenty of time, use one side.
  • Number of guests
    • May need to set up two buffet tables instead of one
    • (Rule of thumb: a complete buffet station e.g. entrée, main and dessert, be provided for every 50 to 60 guests).
  • Type of buffet menu
    • Elegant two entrée dinner buffet
    • Entrée, main and dessert
  • The ratio of guest-served to attendant-served foods
    • Need more space at the back of the buffet table for serving staff.
    • Guest-served items china placed within easy reach of the guests, attendant-served items requires that the china placed close to the attendant.
  • Staffing conditions
    • As staff decreases the size of the serving devices become larger ( do not have to be replenished as often)
  • Service standards required
    • Remove plates promptly
    • Keep the buffet table clean and tidy (cover spills, refill the food dishes, etc).
  • The proximity of service to production
    • Set up a buffet table so that the distance between production and service is kept to a minimum.
    • Keep food in either refrigerator or oven for as long as possible.
  • Ease of service, guest
    • Make self-service by the guests as easy and comfortable as possible.
    • Placing the foods within easy each.
    • Providing the proper utensils
    • Providing simple food-serving devices and familiar utensils
    • Place cards describing the food dishes
    • Will need power points too keep food hot or cold, or use canned heat.

Buffet Table and Room Layout

Buffet table service requires the least amount of labor, both kitchen and service.  A busy catering operation can increase its flexibility by applying this style of service to one large function while simultaneously serving another party.  

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