Restaurant and Cafe Management Training

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Licenses to operate a business

It is generally accepted that small business is over-regulated.  Most small business people are not aware of the licenses and permits needed to operate the business.

Controls exercised by local government should never be disregarded or overlooked by any person embarking on a new venture.  Business activities commenced without appropriate approval could result in the closure of the business by the council after you have expended considerable time, money and effort in starting up, promoting and generally developing your venture.

For example, you may take over a catering kitchen which has been operating for a few years, but within 6 months a planning officer with the council arrives points out that the land is zoned residential and commercial activities are prohibited.  You will then receive a notice from the council for you to stop trading.

This happens quite often so don’t take someone’s word for it – check with the council.

Prior to making a commitment (either by payment of purchase money, exchange of contracts or entry into a lease) that the necessary approvals have been given for the building and its use.  The owner/real estate agent is interested in letting the premises – it is up to you to check to make sure you can operate your type of business from those premises.

You may be able to sue the owners or real estate agents in relation to a false statement but of course, this costs money and inconvenience.

If you wish to advertise your business paint your name on the wall of the premises and provide details of your services the local council must be approached and approval obtained – outdoor advertising is controlled by the council.

In summary, the local council has wide powers that can affect a business.  It can cost you money and inconvenience to ignore such controls.

Restaurant and Cafe Management Training

Do you have the relevant experience that you need to start your business?  How will your existing skillset transfer to managing suppliers, customers and employees?

While you may be able to learn as you go, by having the right knowledge and experience from the outset, you can significantly minimise the risk of failure.

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