Restaurant Marketing and Customer Service

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Restaurant Marketing and Customer Service

Marketing is probably the most important, yet least understood aspect of any business.     Generally speaking, when you talk to people about marketing, they think of selling and advertising.  Marketing though is much more.  It is about satisfying your customers’ needs;  at a profit

There are only 4 ways to increase sales for your restaurant

Sales-building is so much easier when you know how it works.  And fortunately, the methodology is much easier with the following definitions.  Every effort you could make to build sales falls into one of just four categories. 

New Trial

These are first-time customers buying from you for the first time.  They will establish their opinion of your business during this first purchase and decide what percentage mindshare to award you in the future.  New trial is the most expensive of the four sales-builders as acquisition costs are typically 7 – 10 more costly to execute than the other sales builders.  However, it is impossible to increase frequency, check average or party size without customers to start with.  After a customer base has been established, however, it is advisable to focus considerable efforts on the sales-builders listed below.  Find out how to generate more positive word of mouth.…it’s free advertising! 


How often existing customers return to you for future purchases.  Frequency is generated by developing enduring relationships and loyalty among customers.   Consider that the average Pizza Hut loyalist purchases a pizza every 30 days.  If Pizza Hut can get this group to purchase just one more pizza in those 30 days, they’d double their sales. 

Check Average

Often refers to the total purchase for each transaction.  In this instance, however, we are referring primarily to per person check average, the amount each guest or customer spends at purchase.  Check averages can be built through price increases, suggestive selling programs, effective internal merchandising, and add-ons or upgrades to name but a few techniques.  

Party Size

As the name would suggest.  Party Size refers to the number of people in each party.  Do customers primarily visit alone, in groups of 2, groups of 5 or more?  Whatever the number you’ll want to devise programs that encourage customers to bring more of their friends with them for each visit.  Examples of programs include bus drivers to eat free, birthday clubs and refer-a-friend tactics. Encouraging party size turns customers into advocates and enlists them as part of your sales-building team.

Restaurant Marketing and Customer Service

Marketing impacts on almost all areas of business and having good marketing knowledge and skills could mean the difference between business success or failure.

Improving your customer service ensures your customers are talking about you for all the right reasons.  Discover how to generate more customers, increase sales and make more profit.

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