Function and Event Management

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Function and Event Management

For many people, organising a function is an undertaking full of stress and worry.  Naturally, as a restaurant owner/caterer, you want to eliminate as much as possible any cause for anxiety on the part of your client.  The more relaxed, competent and experienced you appear the more a nervous host/hostess will be reassured.  

Below is a Conference Running Sheet Checklist to help you to co-ordinate a successful conference.

Items for checking include:
  • Is the room layout as you requested, eg u-shape, theatre style, boardroom?
  • Are there enough seats?
  • Do you have control over the lights?  If so where are they located?
  • Are all the rooms available?
  • Do you have a speakers’ preparation room, a media room, a committee meeting room?
  • Have the conference signs been put in place?
  • Are their directional signs to be placed?
  • Do the sponsors or the committee have signs to be placed?
  • Can the signs be easily seen?
Traffic Flow
  • Does the set up of the registration desk allow enough room for delegates to move with ease?
  • Are the walkways and passages between rooms clear of any obstructions?
  • Is the equipment for the registration desk set up and working?
  • Do you have the required access on your telephone, eg STD or international?
  • Do you have a direct phone/fax number on which you can be contacted?
  • Do you have a delegate message board in easy view for delegates?
  • How can you quickly contact venue staff?
  • Do you have the contact numbers of all suppliers and people involved?
Audio Visual
  • Do all the rooms have the specified audiovisual equipment?
  • Have you checked that all equipment is working?
  • Is there back up equipment?
  • Arrival of supplies
  • Has all your material arrived, eg registration materials, final programs, preprints, etc?
  • Have the exhibitors’ materials arrived?
  • At what hours is access available to the loading docks?
  • Where are the materials stored?
  • Have you contacted numbers for all suppliers?
  • Is the booth construction as per the agreed floor plan?
  • Have all the exhibitors arrived?
  • Have their materials arrived?
  • Are they happy and di they receive what they thought they were getting?
  • Does the exhibition area look enticing?  Is the area cleared of any rubbish and packing boxes, etc.?
Registration Desk
  • Is the setup of the desk where an how you had requested?
  • Has all the equipment arrived?
  • Do you have the registration materials, eg name badges, satchels, publications, registration forms, etc?
  • Does the registration area look professional?
  • Is it clearly signed and noticeable when people first enter?
  • Whilst each conference will be different in its requirements and set up, a thorough pre-opening check must take place.
Function and Event Management

A professional approach, together with consistency, is the key to a successful function.  Discover how to gain an advantage over competitors, increase customers and maintain profitability.

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