Advantages of hospitality equipment rental

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Advantages of hospitality equipment rental

Learn the advantages of hospitality equipment rental in your restaurant and catering business.


  • The rental company should have a large stock, a wide range of prices, and tasteful styles of dishes, glasses, cutlery, and accessories.  The stock should be in good condition.
  • Reliable and prompt delivery and pick-up service with seven days a week availability is essential.  Many parties are on Saturday or Sunday and I’ve occasionally arrived at the client’s house to find that champagne glasses or coffee cups have not been delivered.  You need to be able to call and have these sent immediately by taxi.
  • Look at other equipment such as tables, tablecloths, chairs, large coffee-makers, and portable ovens.  At least one rental company with whom you deal should be able to supply more major equipment such as tents and dance floors.
  • Will they offer a discount on all jobs billed to your restaurant, cafe. coffee shop, catering business?
  • Are they pleasant and not too pushy?  Rental companies will often have numerous direct contacts with your client.  It is important that they reflect your image as a caterer.


  • By renting, you know exactly how many dishes and glasses there are;  there’s no need to rummage through drawers for three more forks.  Have just the right amount of equipment for any job – it’s the hire company’s business to be able to provide large quantities of tableware.
  • Quality of tableware – some occasions require only the very best tableware, while a barbecue requires something more practical.  By hiring tableware we are able to provide just the right quality for each occasion.
  • Washing up – if you hire equipment you need only to rinse it, with the hiring company doing the washing up in commercial dishwashers. 
  • Replacement items.  The restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, catering business would have to organise a replacement for any lost or damaged items, rather than simply passing costs on to the client as is the case with hire equipment.  You will be surprised at how many items go missing, no matter how careful you are in collecting and repacking the tableware you use during a function.  There’s no fear of loss or breakage of family valuables.
  • Place settings match.
  • Storage of equipment between jobs.  Do you have secure and easily accessible storage for bulky equipment?
  • Delivery.  If you own the equipment you have to cart it to the client’s premises and, believe me, this is no fun.  Hire firms will deliver, for a fee, which can be added to the client’s bill.
  • Insurance on equipment.  With the cost determined by the quantity and variety of equipment.
  • Maybe hire equipment on credit, paying the hiring company once you have been paid by the client.
  • Valuable money not tied up in equipment.

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