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Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin August 2002

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Discover the many ways in which money can be made in the food business.

This Is A Website That’s Truly Catering To A Growing Need

A La Carte Training announces the launch of an online training website that provides winning techniques, everyday tips and real life examples of how to succeed in the hospitality business for Restaurant Owners, Catering Managers and their busy Staff by highly skilled and noted Australian Hospitality Professionals.

The website features very easy step-by-step online guides that are crammed full of examples and exercises that a restaurant owner or caterer can download online in seconds, implement in minutes and gain the proven results almost immediately.

Linda Bamford, principal of A La Carte Training says “These are delivered in ‘bite size pieces’ to really help a restaurant owner and caterer to reach a specific goal”.  For example, the typical training topics that are online and presented are: ‘Earn More Dollars with Customer Service’; ‘Design a Market Focused Menu’; ‘Stress-Free Functions’; ‘Food Purchasing and Stock Control’; ‘Setting up a Buffet’; ‘Cooking for Cash’ – Catering Management; ‘Cooking for Cash’ – Ideas; ‘Opening Soon’ – New Restaurant; and Lots more!

Ms Bamford says, “These online guides are simply NOT textbook theories – they are truly user friendly and easy to understand and get started with almost instantly”.

She added, “With our guides you can work from home at your own pace and at a time that is convenient to a typical catering manager or restaurant owner, so they have no expensive seminars to attend, no tests to sit, no grades to apply and no deadlines to meet in order to get a result.” “There are no expensive costs per hour, no waiting for anything to arrive in the mail, no extra postage and handling costs, no traveling to classes and scheduled commitments.

Australian, Gold Coast Restaurant and Caterers Association, ex-chairman, Tony Percuoco says “Any guidance such as Linda’s would truly be an asset to the industry here as there is always a need for training”. “I have worked in the industry since back in 1973 and, even after all these years, I am still learning,” he said.

After downloading one of her training guides, which need no thick textbooks to read, I was able to see where the average reader may simply and very easily glide through the step-by-step process of learning using real exercises and examples.

If you take the opportunity to download and read one of these guides, as I did, you’ll be given professional advice, on how to develop your own ACTION PLAN. Most people know that nothing happens unless you make it happen and these online guides can be used to train staff to save countless hours every month and money for years and years to come.

By using these guides, it is easy to see that restaurant owners and caterers will easily master business techniques that will instantly turn visitors into lifetime customers and literally make tons more profit. Restaurant owners and caterers can discover the professional secrets to keep them one step ahead of their competition and drive their restaurant and catering business to a new level!

For more information regarding these training materials, you can email Linda Bamford directly or check out the A La Carte Training website at http;//